Turtle Shell Technologies Private Limited (Dozee)

  • 1. Introduction

    The Company understands and recognizes your right to confidentiality and is committed to protecting and preserving your privacy. The Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the User Terms. Subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and applicable law, the Company may collect, receive, store, deal in, handle and share Personal Information (as defined hereinafter) including Sensitive Personal Data (as defined hereinafter) and Non-Personal Information (as defined hereinafter) pertaining to the Users of the Platform and the Platform Services. The Privacy Policy outlines the information the Company may process and/or use to improve the User experience while using the Platform. Pursuant to such commitment, the Company has developed the Privacy Policy for the handling of or for dealing in the aforementioned information.

  • 2. Defintions
  • 3. User Provided Information
  • 4. Information You Choose To Give The Company
  • 5. Cookie Policy
  • 6. Purposes Of Collecting, Storing And Using Your Personal Data And The Manner Of Such Usage
  • 7. Storage And Processing Of Your Information
  • 8. Sharing And Disclosure Of Your Information
  • 9. Distribution Of Information
  • 10. Security
  • 11. Your Rights
  • 12. Links Third Party Apps And Websites
  • 13. Changes In Privacy Policy
  • 14. Grievance Officer