Our Vision

Saving Lives through
connected healthcare


Our Mission

Develop & deploy intelligent technologies, solutions, and networks to provide a continuum of care, early warning systems, and responses to save lives.

The dozee Story

Dozee was born out of the founders’ desire to improve health outcomes and deliver a continuum of care. Since its inception, Dozee has been at the forefront of innovation in healthcare technology. With our mission to make Har Bed Dozee Bed, we aim to enable hospitals to provide accurate, continuous, reliable, and affordable healthcare that enhances patient care, and improves staff convenience, which leads to improved health outcomes.

Founded by

Mudit & Gaurav

With the ambition of driving innovation in the field of healthcare by making it more accessible and affordable


Eureka Moment

Our super dog, Pi made us realise that our technology could work in a contactless way


Clinically Accurate

Dozee was clinically proven to be 98.4% accurate against ICU monitors


COVID19 Strikes

Healthcare gaps and the need for contactless and continuous monitoring became evident


Dozee Revamped

Patients monitored in non-critical hospital setups with Dozee, reducing the burden on the frontline nursing community


Har Bed Dozee Bed

We embarked on our mission to enable accurate, continuous, reliable, and affordable healthcare in every hospital


World’s 1st NcBP

Dozee’s Non-contact Blood Pressure is revolutionizing healthcare with simplified, contactless and clinically accurate blood pressure monitoring


Awards & Recognitions

Our Investors

Our Leadership

Mudit Dandwate

Mudit Dandwate

CEO & Co-Founder

Gaurav Parchani

Gaurav Parchani

CTO & Co-Founder

Sameer Dashputre

Sameer Dashputre

Chief Strategy Officer

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